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المصنع الوطني للبوليستارين – ستايرنباك

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Established national factory for polystyrene also called (styrenpack) in Jeddah in 1977 under license number (6) and has allocated this plant in the production of sheets of thermal insulation of Albolestiren construction projects and in devising products for the packaging of all industrial and consumer products, and now we celebrate celebrated its thirtieth session.

The factory is located in the second phase of the industrial zone on an area (26 000) m 2.

We are proud of our use of top technology and best raw materials. Our management and conduct specialized in providing products that help you in keeping your products and working to increase your sales.

We have put in mind to contribute to industrial progress and expected success of the industry and that is with God's help. We offer our national industries containerboard you need to save products.

That our strategy was since the beginning of the expansion of all domestic products, without exception, from construction to industrial and agricultural products and you to see containerboard of our production for each product where we containerboard for all industrial products and consumables, as well as electronic devices and complex and agricultural products.

It is success to success and we reached an advanced stage and began to manufacture many of the substances used in the construction industry. The last product we Herdi light, which reduces the effort and provides a lot of costs and works as a buffer heat and reduce the load on the roof, foundation, and an update of the isolate produced roof tiles purpose of decoration and insulation Bnakecat

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National Factory For Polystyrene

C.R : 4030012551

VAT Registration : 300235176100003